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Especially for you, Daisy creates "just like" homemade candies: Fudge, Caramels, Brittles, Toffees, Divinities, Fluffs, S'mores, Chocolate, Gift Baskets and much more.

Made from the finest ingredients, all mouth watering treats to be given as gifts or enjoyed at any time.Here at Daisy's Old Fashioned Candy we pledge to provide the best, quality, handmade candy, timely delivery and top-notch customer service.

Do you feel overwhelmed? With no time to make homemade candy?

Yet, you yearn for simpler, more relaxed times when making homemade candy was a family tradition?

When family and friends had time to gather around the old wood-burning stove, to enjoy each others company while making homemade candy for festive Christmas gifts, Valentine gifts, Mother's Day gifts or just for the sheer pleasure of it. Old fashioned candy, like grandma use to make.

For most of us, living hectic lives, these great times only exist somewhere at the edge of nostalgia or faintly in memory. At Daisy's we take the time and special effort to breathe life back into those memories. Following traditional family recipes we lovingly re-create old fashioned candy favorites, nostalgic candy especially for you:

Using only the finest ingredients money can buy, we create small batches to ensure quality control. And then, we pack the candy by hand and ship it to candy connoisseurs within the continental United States.


Once tasted, always savored.
Daisy's Old Fashioned Candy proudly presents its "just like" homemade candy selections
for your personal enjoyment and unique gifts of distinction.


Day in and day out Daisy’s Old Fashioned Candy delivers outstanding value to its customers. We have spent years perfecting our candies. We take tremendous pride in our high quality products.

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